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Table of Contents

  • What are Rhinos?
    • Where are they found?
  • What do they drop?
  • How do I fight them?
  • How do I tame them?
  • Reskins
  • FAQ's
    • Question: Why do I sometimes get glitched inside of a Rhino during combat?
    • Question: My character uses Greatswords, do I need to change my weapon to fight Rhinos?
    • Question: I'm trying to farm Thick Hide, should I hunt and harvest the Rhino Calves too?
    • Question: I'm trying to use a Sea Salted Fodder on a Rhinoceros but it won't work. What am I doing wrong?
  • Conclusion

There are many beasts in Conan Exiles, but few can match up to the power of the Rhino. Large, heavy herbivores bearing two massive horns, these beasts can prove troublesome to defeat. Their thick skin protects them well, and they’re known to recklessly charge at their enemies.

However, if you can avoid their heavy frame, dangerous speed, and razor-sharp horns, A Conan Exiles Rhino can provide plenty of items vital to your gameplay, or maybe even a brand new mount for you to ride around on. Today we’re going to be looking at the Rhino, figuring out exactly how to engage them in combat, and how to raise your own baby Rhino! So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Conan Exiles Rhino Guide - Conan Fanatics (3)

What are Rhinos?

Rhinos are hulking grey beasts, often found wandering throughout the southern desert of The Exiled Lands or east of the tower at the center of The Isle of Siptah. They’re herbivores by nature and, fortunately, Rhinos are short-sighted and therefore don’t spot or follow your player character if you can break their restricted line of sight. Broadly speaking, they’re easy enough to avoid by sneaking past them or simply running away. However, they are dangerous if you draw their ire.

Rhinos will often initiate combat with a charge attack, capable of covering a considerable distance. That attack will knock down anything unfortunate enough to be in the way, and will also inflict a hefty amount of trample damage. Getting hit by one of those charges isn’t the end of the world, but it can put you in a dangerous position that could easily lead to your death. It’s best to exercise caution around attacking Rhinos.

Where are they found?

Rhinos are located in a few different spots across The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. On The Exiled Lands, the defacto best destination for finding Rhinos is the Savannah. You will have to navigate past tigers on your journey there, and there are also dangerous elephants nearby, but the rhino population there is plentiful.

Rhinos can also be located in the western Desert, around Muriela’s Hope, Oasis Overlook, and Rhinohorn Ridge. These locations are largely regarded as secondary to the plentiful population found in the Savannah and thus are not visited regularly. If you find the Savannah has already been bled dry, these secondary options may prove fruitful. Consider exercising caution around Rhinohorn Ridge, as the King rhino roams this area. He is similar to regular Rhinoceros, but as a legendary creature, he’ll deal more damage, have more health, and be overall more dangerous than regular Rhinos. He does, however, have some extra drops that we’ll be covering shortly.

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The Isle of Siptah is a bit trickier, but far from impossible. Rhinos usually roam the grasslands surrounding the tower at the center of the map. They don’t have a perfectly defined territory like The Exiled Lands, but you can find both full-grown and baby Rhinoceros in this area.

What do they drop?

Rhinos continue to be hunted for their resource drops, many of which are necessary for progression within Conan Exiles. Those drops vary depending on the specific Rhino killed or the harvesting tool used. Generally, you can expect to receive Thick Hide, Rhino Hide, Bones, Horns, Exotic Flesh, Exquisite Meat, and Savoury Flesh. Thick and Rhino hide are particularly sought after, as they are essential for crafting better armors in the later game, and can also be stripped down into a large number of regular hides, then tanned to produce tar, a resource imperative to stockpile in the late game.

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Alongside those drops, you may also be able to harvest a Rhino Head uncommonly, which can be broken down for resources or mounted in your home. Rhino heads are found in Grey, White, Black, and Rhino King variants, depending on which Rhino you killed. The Rhino King, a legendary creature found near Sepermeru, will drop a Skeleton Key. The key fits any Legendary Chest, providing you with a random Legendary Weapon.

How do I fight them?

Though they can be intimidating, Rhinos aren’t too difficult to fight. I recommend only fighting one Rhino at a time. You’ll be able to better focus on dodging their attacks without keeping an eye on multiple foes at once.

The critical learning curve of fighting Rhinos is to avoid their charge. The attack is telegraphed by the Rhino swiping its feet on the ground in a stereotypical fashion, you should be able to spot it quite easily. If you happen to get hit by that charge, you’ll soon realize why it’s best to avoid it. The charge attack does heavy trample damage, knocks you to the ground, and will briefly apply 5 stacks of bleed damage onto you. Bleed functions as a damage over time effect and can easily play a part in your demise if you’re ill-prepared.

Rhinos will also swing their horn toward you if you’re encroaching on their personal space. This attack isn’t as dangerous as the charge, but can still take a small chunk of health, and it’s difficult to avoid compared to the charge attack.

Conan Exiles Rhino Guide - Conan Fanatics (6)

Rhinos do present an issue in combat that could easily cause you to lose a considerable chunk of health. During a fight, it’s possible to dodge roll and lodge yourself inside the model of the Rhino’s neck. This is still within their hitbox when they swing their horn, meaning they can inflict damage upon you as you’re struggling to get free. This glitch usually only lasts a couple of seconds, but it’s a vector of panic if you’re still getting acclimated to fighting Rhinos. My best advice is to move away from the Rhino, and you’ll be freed when the beast turns its head.

In terms of when you should attack, look for gaps in the Rhino’s aggression. Don’t be greedy in your attacks. Exploit the gaps between the horn swings and charges. Keep your stamina as high as possible and play your range. Many weapons work wonders against Rhinos, and I recommend using either a Spear or Pike to keep your distance and poke from a safe distance, or daggers to rapidly apply bleed damage to the Rhino. If you’re within touching distance, try to circle the Rhinoceros to keep it turning and prevent it from attacking you.

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How do I tame them?

Aside from slaughtering Rhinos for their hide and horns, you can also tame a Rhinoceros for yourself. These beasts act as a war mount, capable of reasonably speedy travel and near unmatched power in terms of defensive stats and combat capacity. The first step in acquiring your own Rhino is to capture a Rhino Calf. These can be found in the same locations as adult Rhinos, and come in the same color varieties. These calves then need to be captured by the player and placed within an Animal Pen to grow into adulthood. Once the rhino calf has become an adult, you can put a saddle on it, ride it yourself or order it to defend your base.

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Conan Exiles Rhino Guide - Conan Fanatics (7)

Much like Horses, Rhinos will level up whilst following the player. You don’t have to be riding the Rhino to gain levels. Providing you or the Rhino kills a foe, regardless of who deals the killing blow, you’ll both receive experience. The Rhino can reach a maximum of Level 20, and as their level increases, their attributes in Strength, Agility, Vitality, Accuracy and Survival can increase, making the Rhino even more powerful.

Rhinos do not need to be fed to survive. However, feeding them can influence their attributes as they level up, which is something to remember if you wish to boost a specific statistic on your Rhino. This only takes effect on the first feed after each level, so spam-feeding your Rhino won’t continue to improve the chance of the attribute being improved.

Below, you’ll find a small list of the best foods to feed your Rhino for each attribute you wish to increase.

Strength – Seeds, 14% chance to increase
Agility – Highland Berries, 14% chance to increase
Vitality – Plant Fiber, 14% chance to increase
Accuracy – Vines, 14% chance to increase
Survival – Desert Berries, 14% chance to increase

My recommendation is to focus on increasing Vitality, as it will increase the health pool of your Rhino. The improvements are regarded as negligible by some though, so it’s not critical to acquire the “correct” attributes


Finally, if you’re concerned with vanity and aesthetics, you can customize the appearance of your tamed Rhino. To do so, you’ll need to own one of two DLC packs.

The first is the Treasures of Turan DLC, which adds the Turanian building set and armors into the game. With ownership of this DLC pack, you can craft a Turanian Fodder and combine it with a Rhino in your crafting menu before you place it into the world to apply a re-skin. This will turn your regular old Rhino into a Turanian Caravan Rhino, a white Rhino decorated with a fine red leather saddle and decked in gold jewelry, carrying two side bags. This skin doesn’t offer any extra carrying capacity, but it’s a great reskin if you’re playing a Turanian character.

Conan Exiles Rhino Guide - Conan Fanatics (8)

The second is the Isle of Siptah DLC, which adds the Isle of Siptah map. Ownership of this DLC pack allows you to craft a Sea Salted Fodder. Combined with a Rhino under the same circ*mstances as the Turanian Fodder, you will create one of three reskins. These are the Purebred, Savage, and Killer Rhinoceros. The Purebred is black with grey speckles, the Savage is brown with white stripes, and the Killer is black and brown with a partially striped horn.

Finally, if you were one of the players who purchased The Isle of Siptah during its beta period, you’ll have access to the Wartorn Fodder. This is the only fodder that is no longer available for purchase, though someone could craft it on your behalf and then give it to you. By combining the Rhino and the Wartorn Fodder, you’ll be able to craft the Wartorn Rhino. This skin is particularly striking, shown as a white Rhino splattered with blood, including many cuts, scrapes, and scars across the flesh.


Question: Why do I sometimes get glitched inside of a Rhino during combat?

Answer: That is quite a common issue. It’s one Funcom has tried to fix many times, but it seems a complex issue. There’s no definite reason, but it can help if you try to fight a Rhino on flat ground, rather than on bumpy terrain.

Question: My character uses Greatswords, do I need to change my weapon to fight Rhinos?

Answer: Not at all, no. Daggers, Spears and Pikes can be much faster and allow you more flexibility regarding your attack window, but a Greatsword won’t hinder you massively. You will be required to take extra care in when and how you attack, but you can make almost any weapon work.

Question: I’m trying to farm Thick Hide, should I hunt and harvest the Rhino Calves too?

Answer: I wouldn’t recommend it. Rhino Calves do not drop Thick or Rhino hide, but instead just drop regular hide. They are easy prey, but the reward is heavily diminished, and thus they’re not even really worth a couple of sword swings to take them down.

Question: I’m trying to use a Sea Salted Fodder on a Rhinoceros but it won’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Firstly, make sure you have the relevant feats unlocked. Secondly, some fodders will only work on grey Rhinoceros, which are simply named “Rhino” in-game. Black and White Rhinos won’t work for this crafting recipe, unfortunately.


There you have it, all the vital information you need to know about Rhinos. They are intimidating beasts, and your first encounter with them is often punctuated by pain, despair, and the panic of having to run away. With this guide, you’re now prepared to set foot in the Savannah once again, equipped with the knowledge to take down these hulking beasts and harvest their wonderfully useful hide. Grab your Pike, Exile. It’s hunting season!

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Conan Exiles Rhino Guide - Conan Fanatics (2024)


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