Licensed Athletic Trainer (2024)

The Athletics Department at The College of Saint Benedict invites applications for two full-time (0.83 FTE), benefit-eligible positions of Licensed Athletic Trainer.

The CSB Licensed Athletic Trainer is a member of an innovative new three-person athletic training team/model. This team of licensed athletic trainers provides coverage for the College of Saint Benedict’s 12 varsity intercollegiate athletic teams and provides support to the club sports program. This team coordinates the sports medicine program in its entirety which includes but is not limited to injury prevention, evaluation, management, rehabilitation, and treatment of acute and chronic athletic injuries. Licensed athletic trainers are a primary tool in the education and support of student-athletes in the area of health with overall human performance. Licensed Athletic Trainers are required to abide by the rules and regulations established by the College of Saint Benedict (CSB), the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC), and the NCAA (Division III).

Institutional Inclusion Visioning Statement

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University believe that an excellent liberal arts education requires an understanding and appreciation of cultural difference and that everyone deserves to feel safe and morally valued. To that end, we will challenge our own practices and systems. Our commitment to an inclusive environment will be incorporated into all decision-making processes. We dedicate ourselves to cultivating an equitable, inclusive community founded on respect for all persons.

CSB offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits program.For further information, see


Administrative Duties

  • Attend Athletic Department and campus all-staff meetings.
  • Attend/participate in professional development and implement industry best practices, including MIAC policies from bi-yearly MIAC Athletic Trainer meetings.
  • Maintain annual licensure and certification requirements as defined by the National Athletic Trainers Board of Medical Practice and the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.
  • Coordinate and communicate key information within HIPPA/FERPA guidelines to athletes, coaches, administration, and health services department in a timely and quality manner.

The following (3) administrative duties will be split among the three-person athletic training team. They will be assigned based on the skill sets of the individuals filling these roles.

LAT 1:Serve as schedule supervisor for all sports medicine events and coverage.

  • Coordinate Certified Athletic Training staff coverage of team practices, treatments, and athletic competitions.
  • Oversee the hiring, scheduling, and timecard approval of 20+ student employees.
  • Onboard, train, and develop student employees for work in a Sports Medicine setting within the permissible the scope of responsibilities.
  • Ensure student employees have up to date First Aid Training certifications.
  • Work in partnership with Saint John’s University (SJU) Sports Medicine Staff to coordinate care for CSB athletes on the SJU campus and event coverage during combined events.
  • Coordinate with coaches regarding camp/clinic coverage and sports medicine support.

LAT 2:Serve as CSB’s NCAA Health Care Administrator

  • Ensure CSB Athletics staff and local EMS is properly trained in all Emergency Action plans (EAP), while ensuring all EAPs are reviewed and posted yearly.
  • Maintain and update the athletic training section of athletic department & sports medicine student manuals.
  • Submit all NCAA/DATALYS & conference injury data as required/requested.
  • Oversee, document and serve as lead for all physician communication and referrals.
  • Provide training in proper BBP, Concussion, AED/CPR certifications for all athletic department staff and coaches per NCAA regulations.
  • Serve as liaison to the campus health center.

LAT 3:Serve as Sports Medicine Budget Manager

  • Develop, plan, and execute annual budgets.
  • In consultation with the Director of Athletics, prepare capital equipment and improvement requests.
  • Order all necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Oversee tracking of inventory and ensure all inventory is returned and reviewed at the end of the season/academic year.
  • Oversee the care and maintenance of all training room equipment and be responsible for submitting all custodial and facility work orders.
  • Ensure all capital equipment is correctly calibrated and functioning at the safety standards required.

Athletic Training Duties

  • Provide athletic training services under the direction of the Team Physician(s) per Board of Medical Practice protocols. These include preventing, evaluating, treating, and rehabilitating all student-athlete injuries and illnesses.
  • Work with on-campus and outside health care partners (if applicable) on the implementation of safe concussion return to learn and return to play policies.
  • Supervise scheduled team practices and competitions, and host visiting teams according to CSB, the MIAC conference, and NCAA policies.
  • Review and acknowledge the status of injured student-athletes within HIPPA/FERPA guidelines to CSB coaching staff.
  • Oversee and manage the collection, organization, and maintenance of all student-athlete (SA) medical records. This includes but is not limited to SA’s participation physical forms, insurance verification, HIPPA forms, Sickle Cell test results, and concussion baseline information along with all other medical paperwork required by the NCAA and conference for participation in intercollegiate athletics.
  • Collaborate with the Strength and Conditioning & other CSB coaches to provide input on the development of programs for strength, conditioning, nutrition, supplement use/ergogenic aids, injury prevention/exercise techniques, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries.
  • Educate student-athletes about the Division III NCAA Drug Testing, Banned Substances, and Concussion Policies annually.

Additional Duties

  • Recognize and understand gender differences and apply that knowledge in shaping progressive & effective approaches to working with college-age women.
  • Participate in and support CSB Athletics department fundraisers.
  • Complete additional assignments as requested by the Director of Athletics and/or College of Saint Benedict.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s preferred
  • Certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC)
  • Current CPR/AED Certification
  • Eligible to be registered by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice
  • 3+ years of previous experience as an Athletic Trainer
  • Excellent organizational, oral, written, electronic communication and presentation skills
  • Be knowledgeable of and supportive of CSB's commitment to Benedictine Values.

Physical Requirements:

  • Job requires lifting of large water/ice coolers (20+ pounds)
  • Job requires physical assessment of student-athlete injuries (examples: muscle stretching, assisting students off the field/court, etc.

Travel Requirements:

  • The athletic training team is required to cover all home athletic events; mandatory under conference bylaws.
  • Travel for regular and post-season away contests may be determined based on the risk of the sport, the current injury status of team members, and the availability/desire of the LAT to travel.
  • The athletic training team will travel to post-season competitions with high-risk and/or team sports.
  • The athletic training team will either travel with or assign a LAT to cover all international travel and/or all foreign tours for varsity intercollegiate teams.
Licensed Athletic Trainer (2024)


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