Top cinemas in Paris (2024)

Whether you're an inveterate cinephile or just go to the movies once in a while, this guide is for you! It lists the best cinemas in Paris. Whether for comfort, programming or special effects, follow the guide to discover the most original cinemas in Paris.

Paris is packed with cinemas, but are they all the same? Which are the most original? To find out, follow the guide:

The most comfortable cinemas:

The Pathé Parnasse cinema, formerly Gaumont Parnasse, reopens its doors
Gaumont Parnasse is dead, long live Pathé Parnasse! The cinema complex, partially closed since August 2022, reopened its doors this Monday, December 12, 2022. A new establishment reimagined to offer a "premium" cinema experience, with more expensive screenings, but with fewer seats and more comfort. [Read more]

Le Grand Rex: Europe's largest cinema
Its starry vault, its atypically decorated façade, its grandeur... You've got a thousand and one reasons to visit the Grand Rex! In fact, it's Europe's largest cinema, with a grand auditorium seating 2,702 people. [Read more]

4DX and Dolby Atmos technology at the Pathé Wepler cinema
4DX, Dolby Atmos, EclairColor... The Pathé Wepler cinema brings together several technologies that you can enjoy throughout your film! [Read more]

Gaumont Convention movie theater and Dolby Atmos technology
Gaumont Convention movie theater is one of the 5 Pathé-Gaumont theaters to provide Dolby Atmos technology. [Read more]

Gaumont Alésia: a cinema with Dolby Atmos technology
The Gaumont Alésia cinema is one of the Pathé-Gaumont group cinemas to feature this technology. Enjoy your film during a special screening with Dolby Atmos sound. [Read more]

Top cinemas in Paris (21)Top cinemas in Paris (22)Top cinemas in Paris (23)Top cinemas in Paris (24)Pathé Aéroville
Located in the brand-new, upscale Aéroville shopping center in Roissy, Pathé Cinéma offers a whole new experience for Parisians. Reclining leather seats, tablets for ordering food, truffle popcorn and champagne... In short, everything you need for a top-notch session!

MK2 Bibliothèque: one of the biggest movie theaters in Paris
Looking for space? MK2 Bibliothèque movie theater is the 3rd biggest movie theater facility in Paris! [Read more]

The most high-tech rooms :

IMAX, 4DX and Screen X at Pathé la Villette
At the Pathé la Villette cinema, take advantage of a range of technologies for an unusual cinema experience, and discover the Pathé Kids area, the Pathé Gaumont group's only cinema dedicated to children. [Read more]

4DX at Gaumont Aquaboulevard cinema
The Gaumont Aquaboulevard is one of two Pathé-Gaumont cinemas in Paris's 15th arrondissem*nt to offer 4DX at the cinema. [Read more]

CGR Paris Lilas: the only ICE Immersive cinema in Paris
For an unusual cinema experience, head for the Ice Immersive room at CGR Paris Lilas. A high-tech experience for total immersion in your film. [Read more]

Screen X, the immersive cinema experience at Pathé La Villette and Beaugrenelle
As of July 18, 2018, Pathé cinemas in La Vilette and Beaugrenelle are offering cinema screenings unlike any other... Entitled Screen X, these new-style cinemas give viewers a wider 270-degree view of the screen. We did the test, our verdict! [Read more]

The most beautiful rooms :

Le Louxor - Palais du Cinéma: a temple to the 7th art in a unique setting
Renovated and inaugurated in 2013, Le Louxor cinéma shines in the middle of Paris's 10th arrondissem*nt with its atypical architecture, listed as a historic monument. [Read more]

MK2 Gambetta: an atypical movie theater in Paris
Meet at MK2 Gambetta to enjoy a movie in a very special movie theater in Paris for the façade of the building is listed as historic monument since 2012. [Read more]

The most unusual :

Gaumont Les Fauvettes: the movie theater providing you with brunch
With a lounge at your disposal on the ground floor, Gaumont Les Fauvettes movie theater provides you with relaxing moments over brunch in addition to the usual movie viewings. [Read more]

Hotel Paradiso, the mk2 cinema-hotel and its rooftop
Called Hotel Paradiso, this first-ever cinema-hotel imagined by the mk2 group promises an extraordinary Parisian experience. [Read more]

The Cinéma du Panthéon: a restaurant-movie theater in the heart of Paris
Featuring a movie theater room and a restaurant-bar upstairs, the Cinéma du Panthéon is a very authentic venue conducive to relaxation. [Read more]

Le Lucernaire: a cinema-theatre and restaurant in the Montparnasse district
Cinema, theater, bar or restaurant... they're all at Le Lucernaire! If you're in the mood for something a little out of the ordinary, head for the 6th arrondissem*nt of Paris, where art meets art in all its forms. [Read more]

The Cinémathèque Française, a movie temple in the heart of Bercy
Screening sessions, library, museum, festivals… The Cinémathèque Française is the perfect place if you want to learn more about the history of cinema. [Read more]

The most classic theaters :

UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles: the biggest movie theater in Paris
With 37 rooms and forty movies played, UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles is the biggest movie theater in the heart of Paris, and the biggest movie theater when it comes to rooms in France. [Read more]

Pathé Opéra Premier cinema
Benefit from EclairColor technology in one of the Pathé Opéra Premier movie theaters. [Read more]

Gaumont Marignan: Champs-Elysées cinema to close for good
The Gaumont Champs-Elysées cinema, opened in 1933, will close its doors for good in December. [Read more]

UGC Ciné Cité Paris 19 movie theater facility
With 14 rooms available, UGC Ciné Cité Paris 19 set in Paris 19th arrondissem*nt provides a large range of domestic releases for several weeks. [Read more]

UGC Opera movie theater
This is the only UGC movie theater set in Paris 9th arrondissem*nt. UGC Opera provides a variety of movies played along with cult movies. [Read more]

UGC Gobelins movie theater
Enjoy the 11 movie screening rooms of UGC Gobelins movie theater in Paris 13th arrondisem*nt playing weekly-released movies. [Read more]

UGC Lyon-Bastille movie theater
It’s by the Place de la Bastille that stands the UGC Lyon-Bastille movie theater where you’ll enjoy weekly released movies. [Read more]

UGC Danton movie theater
The UGC Danton movie theater is one of the two UGC group movie theaters set on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris 6th arrondissem*nt. [Read more]

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UGC Odéon movie theater
UGC Odéon is one of the four UGC movie theaters set in Paris 6th arrondissem*nt. [Read more]

UGC Rotonde movie theater
It’s one of the two UGC movie theaters set in the Montparnasse area. UGC Rotonde plays in its screening rooms previews in exclusivity. [Read more]

UGC Montparnasse movie theater
Set 350 meters from the Montparnasse Tower, you’ll find the UGC Montparnasse movie theater to enjoy movies played in exclusivity. [Read more]

UGC Normandie movie theater
It’s on the Champs-Elysées that you’ll find one of the UGC group movie theaters, the Normandie. [Read more]

UGC George V movie theater
It’s one of the two UGC movie theaters set on the Champs-Elysées. UGC George V movie theater plays about 15 movies including a few previews. [Read more]

MK2 Bastille: two movie theaters in the heart of an iconic neighborhood in Paris
Within walking distance from the famous Place de la Bastille – symbol of the French Revolution – are settled two MK2 movie theaters: one by Faubourg Saint Antoine, and the other by Beaumarchais. [Read more]

UGC Bercy movie theater complex in Paris
With 34 rooms available, UGC Ciné Cité Bercy set in Paris 12th arrondissem*nt provides a large range of national releases for several weeks. [Read more]

MK2 quai de Seine/Loire: two waterfront cinemas in Paris
A movie, a riverside terrace or even a boat rental ... all this is possible on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette in Paris's 20th arrondissem*nt, where two of the MK2 cinemas are located. [Read more]

The most independent cinemas :

Top cinemas in Paris (137)Top cinemas in Paris (138)Top cinemas in Paris (139)Top cinemas in Paris (140)Le Desperado
Jean-Pierre Mocky, director of "A mort l'arbitre" and "Le Miraculé", regretted not being distributed by cinemas, so he decided to buy his own cinema to show his work. An independent arthouse cinema par excellence, the Desperado specializes in revivals of old American films, in the original version only, and in ciné-club. You can also see or re-see films from the 60s such as "Rocco and His Brothers". If you like your cinema more than the TNT channels, this is the only place where you can enjoy this unusual and deviant programming.

Top cinemas in Paris (141)Top cinemas in Paris (142)Top cinemas in Paris (143)Top cinemas in Paris (144)Studio 28
For those nostalgic for old Parisian cinemas, Studio 28 is one of the most prestigious. Nestled in the heart of the Butte Montmartre, this cinema is known as one of the most "cultural".
In addition to its eclectic programming, it offers painting exhibitions and "7th Art" architecture. You can admire lighting fixtures created by Jean Cocteau or contemplate the façade celebrated by Cédric Klapisch's film "Amélie Poulain"!

Le Champo: historic independent movie theater in the Latin Quarter
This is one of the first art-house movie theaters in Paris: Le Champo has been around since 1938 to the greatest joy of cinephiles and the Latin Quarter, genuine historic place in Paris. [Read more]

L'Escurial: an art-house cinema in Paris's 13th arrondissem*nt
L'Escurial, part of Dulac Cinéma, is the only independent art house cinema in Paris's 13th arrondissem*nt. Discover what's inside this 1911 cinema. [Read more]

Elysées Lincoln: an art-house cinema near the Champs-Elysées
The Le Lincoln cinema is an independent, art house venue located just off the famous Champs-Elysées avenue. [Read more]

Le Bretagne: the independent cinema in the Montparnasse district closes its doors for good
Le Bretagne cinema, located in the Montparnasse district of Paris, had been open since 1961 and was the third largest cinema in Paris after the Grand Rex and UGC Normandie. [Read more]

L'Entrepôt, Paris's atypical independent cinema
Cinema, exhibitions, bar or restaurant... everything is possible at l'Entrepôt! If you'd like to discover an unusual place, head to the 14th arrondissem*nt of Paris to try out this real place for living and sharing. [Read more]

MK2 Parnasse: an arthouse in the Montparnasse area
This is one of the MK2 movie theaters listed as an arthouse: the MK2 Parnasse is set rue Chaplain in Paris 6th arrondissem*nt, by the Montparnasse tower. [Read more]

L’Epée de Bois: an art house movie theater in the heart of Paris
This is a movie theater is characterized by continuity: L’Epée de Bois, an independent local movie theater, mostly plays recently released movies that have been a hit. So you can catch up if you missed the exclusive release. [Read more]

Grand Action: indie movie theater in the Latin Quarter
Running for 50 years, the Grand Action is set rue des écoles in Paris 5th arrondissem*nt, a lively movie theater between its 15 cine-clubs, screenings, meetings and events held all year around. [Read more]

Publicis Cinema: an indie movie theater partnering with Paris Korean Film Festival
Calling all Korean movie fans: one Sunday per month, the Publicis Cinéma welcomes the “Dimanches en Corée” cycle that is very special to the movie theater. [Read more]

Le Reflet Medicis: an independent cinema in the heart of the Latin Quarter
One of the 5 cinemas in the Les Ecrans de Paris group, Reflet Medicis, located on rue Champollion in Paris's 5th arrondissem*nt, is an art house cinema dating from the late 19th century. [Read more]

Studio Galande: an independent and unique movie theater in Saint Michel
It has been over 40 years now the Studio Galande has been playing the famous “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” movie every weekend. The specialty? Each viewer is invited to take part in this interactive movie screening session, you included! In addition to this never-before-seen program, the theater is set in the heart of the Saint Michel district, between restaurants and Notre-Dame de Paris being only a few steps away. [Read more]

Studio des Ursulines: an independent young public movie theater in Paris Latin Quarter
Inaugurated in 1926, Studio des Ursulines is set in the heart of the Latin Quarter and is one of the rare independent movie theaters dedicated to films for a young audience. [Read more]

Le Saint André des Arts, an art cinema institution in the Latin Quarter
Founded in 1971 in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Saint André des Arts cinema has since stood the test of time with the same vocation: to place art-house films at the heart of its activity. [Read more]

Christine Cinéma Club: American classics in the heart of the Latin Quarter
Christine Cinéma Club and Ecoles Cinéma Club, two independent movie theaters set in the Latin Quarter are the perfect place to enjoy classic American movies as their programming is focusing on these cinematographic works. [Read more]

The most select rooms :

Royal Film Club, the palatial cinema experience in Paris: this winter's program
Le Royal Monceau invites cinephiles to a film session worthy of a palace. Join us in the Katara Room for the Royal Film Club. Next event: January 19, 2023. [Read more]

The most kid-friendly venues :

Top cinemas in Paris (205)Top cinemas in Paris (206)Top cinemas in Paris (207)Top cinemas in Paris (208)Le Forum des Images
Created in 1988 as Paris's audiovisual memory, the Forum des Images has been celebrating cinema - all cinemas - and the moving image in all its forms ever since. Fiction, documentaries, animation, feature-length and short films, TV series, computer films...: all genres, all formats, all audiovisual disciplines find here a unique space for exchange and emotion, recognized by professionals and acclaimed by audiences. Cultivating diversity and ignoring borders, encouraging sharing and reflection, thinking about the times and the world, shaking up certainties and surprising, educating and raising awareness of images among the very young... through the eye of the camera!

Les 7 Batignolles cinema in Paris
In the mood for a movie? Let's go to 7 Batignolles, the brand-new cinema in the 17th arrondissem*nt, offering screenings for young and old in an elegant, refined setting. A new spot for all lovers of the 7th art, families, new technology enthusiasts and music lovers alike. [Read more]

Top cinemas in Paris (2024)


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